Starwind Rohana (starsong24) wrote,
Starwind Rohana

Epic Eye of the Storm battle.

Warning: WoW talk ahead.

Decided to do some PVP on my levelling hunter Niteka today. The random battleground put me into Eye of the Storm three times in a row. I've been in Eye of the Storm twice before, the first of which we lost barely and the second of which we won easily.

So. First round, we lose. By a landslide. The Horde stomp us right over, and in the chat everyone's saying how Horse always wins EotS, people yelling that we're all noobs, just a lot of bad feeling.

Second round, we try to establish a battle plan before the battle proper starts. The plan goes well at first, but then the Horde rally. People start saying we're going to lose when we're still barely ahead of the Horde, calling other people noobs, etc.

Well, you know about self-fulfilling prophecies...

Third round. Pre-battle planning. New group contains a very efficient fellow called Ygdrasil. Battle plan laid out, including volunteers for each base, Ygdrasil tells everyone to flag their role (he's a tank).

The battle starts off...not promisingly. I don't get to the Blood Elf Tower because the other person going there dies and too many people head to the Mage Tower. The Horde takes the first flag.

Then a few other people arrive, and we charge on the BET, and take it. We fight off all comers, and then it's just me, a healer, and a tank (Ygdrasil) standing there...and someone steals the flag off the carrier who almost had it to the Fel Reaver Ruins, and starts running for us. With a horde of Horde behind him.

So I run out to help him...and the tank whispers me 'stay. here.', and he and the healer take off to help the carrier.

Then the Horde attack the MT. There are quite a few people around the BET by now, and we don't need them, so I attempt to send them off to help defend...except they keep running into Horde coming from the FRR. Apparently enough of them get over to the other side to retain the MT, though possession slides in and out for the rest of the match. Communication is good and nobody is being called a noob.

At some point during this, Ygdrasil has the flag and is coming toward the BET, at which I am currently the only defender, with, I kid you not, THREE Horde on him (I think it was four but I'm not sure). So I run out to shoot them off him, remember to focus on the healer, and he makes it to the base with about an inch to spare, with two other people having dashed up to help us. (It was really close.)

Anyway. We won...really thoroughly. 600 to 1600. There's absolutely no yelling, people are saying 'Awesome teamwork!' instead of 'It's hopeless,' and my hands are shaking with adrenaline.

It was pretty fun.
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