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Today, I got a call out of the blue from a man at the employment agency who'd read my CV and had a post he thought I'd be suitable for.

Starting, most likely, on Thursday or Friday.

Today is Tuesday. I have a filling tomorrow.

It's from two in the afternoon to eleven at night, lab-based, half an hour by bike, pretty well-paid...

From now on, all of the fun things in my life will be done in the morning. WoW, fanfic, reading...well, it's not a huge imposition.
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Russia just got hit by a meteor.

I've felt this way before, usually in tragedies. The feeling is: This is too movie-like for real life.

(Okay, so Russia actually got hit by a meteor just as I was leaving the zoo. Still.)
Clouded Leopard

On weight.

I have a dark and guilty secret.

I'm not all that bothered about my weight.

Now, before you all accuse me of being a sensible and well-rounded person, I should point out that I'm five foot eight and weigh fifty-three kilos, and managed to lose five kilos over the last year through sheer absent-mindedness. It's possible that, if I did not have a metabolism like a furnace and a habit of forgetting breakfasts, then I would indeed have body issues.

It seems unlikely, though, considering my attitude towards clothing.
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The advantages of being moderately socially aware: You realise that a guy is interested in romance and inform him politely that you're flattered but asexual before things can get awkward.

It's an interesting ... head-game, for lack of a better word. Being asexual, I don't tend to think of myself in connection with sexual interest, though I can view other people as having that. Realising that other people think of me as a potentially sexual being is ... not uncomfortable, but odd.
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A lot of stories go around about sexism in WoW. Up until today, I hadn't actually experienced harassment in WoW among people who knew my gender(just as I've never experienced it in the real world, come to that), so I assumed that kind of thing was rare or outdated.

Tonight's Raid Finder put an end to that, of course. Ugh. How can people be so ... wilfully pig-ugly?
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A squirrel stole my breakfast.

I usually keep an apple in my room to eat before the cafeteria starts breakfast. Today I left the window open to get some fresh air, left the room, and when I came back there was a thud and the apple had vanished from the windowsill.

There is currently a squirrel on the windowledge outside my room, looking rather inquisitive as to where its feast has gone. I'm fairly sure the squirrel dropped it off the ledge when I came into the room, but it doesn't seem to have figured this out yet.

Begs the question, though: How on Earth did it lift the apple over the three inches of raised wood at the base of the window?
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First exam was today.

My hand was cramping like crazy by the end, but then, two and a half hours' frantic scribbling will do that to you. My handwriting remains messy (haven't had much reason to do it for about a month), and despite my assiduously cleaning my fountain pen yesterday, it kept going dry and requiring me to shake it very hard.

One down, seven to go.
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My computer is FIXED!

My computer is fixed! And all I had to do was ... reinstall to the state it was in when I got it, thus wiping my files and promising unknown frustrated hours of trying to move them from the backup drive back to the computer. But hey, my computer is fixed! No more Google breakage, slow running, or random redirects!
Clouded Leopard

Home again.

For the record, shopping weighs a ton or it does when you buy a week's worth of food and have to carry it over a mile on foot. I wound up 'borrowing' an empty garbage box (about two feet by one, six inches high) to carry it the last third of the way, and hopefully will have it returned before the owner notices. For now, my arms start trembling every time I pick up my glass.

I also had the pleasure of a surprise driving lesson five minutes after I got back from walking the dogs -- surprise because I thought he was away for the week. Which he is, now. Oh, and the weather is boiling.

Here's to a restful weekend!