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Starwind Rohana
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This is the editor of the Multiverse Moniter .
Therefore, I can pull a story out of a sigle misplaced word. And sexual innuendo out of anything.

But anyway. Young British (mainly Scottish) female here. No, I'm not a bimbo. Yes, I am blonde. I have freaky eyes. They get orange flecks. And my hair is a nightmare to mantain. And I'm tall. And I can stare in very...creepy...manners.

Er. I write fanfic. And I am writing a novel. And I use advanced vocabulary. I also tend to use strange vocabulary. I put words together in unorthodox ways. This mirrors my way of thinking, which can be erratic.

I also like fantasy writing. That's why I write it. And Tolkien's languages are nice...even if I don't have time to learn them. I have a very artistic mentality -I'm highly creative, although mostly this is expressed in words, not pictures. I'm not a terribly good artist with pencils. I have invented an alphabet and am working on a language -mostly, I have expletives. (Ravving, shezzing, fen, zavik, and an insult, slagger, as reference to the run-off from iron. It's amazing how often people mistake this.)

Me may be obsessed. Me may also be crazy, unpredictable, and generally strange. But I do try to be nice. (Note: 'Try to be' does not automatically translate as 'always am'. Remember this.) I am not a normal person. I have unusual ways of thinking about things. I come up with odd solutions.

I have a gold ring which I've worn since 30/12/2005. I take it off at night. I like pretty jewelery and long clothing. Sometimes I wear a belt over a long jumper to make it look like a tunic. Or I knot a sarong into a tunic, and wear it with a skirt I had to take in.

NaNoWriMo takes up far too much of the 2005 November.

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Date Created:29/06/2004
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Starwind Rohana is a female human with the mind of an undiscovered intelligence. She has various names, the latest being Zephyr's Fire. Always staring toward the distances, she combines thoughts in unexpected ways.
Strengths: Exceptionally creative, with a lulling voice. A tendancy to debate any shy point. Thinks up new, strange things. Tries to be nice.
Weaknesses: Antisocial. Sometimes depressed. Does not always pay attention. Picky.
Special Skills: Shouting very loudly, theorising, writing, scratching people, skipping.
Weapons: Her fingernails. Her teeth. A letter opener. If pressed, a steak knife and a crucifix.
Soaring.: Only very useful if you need to hold off your opponent and think quickly at the same time.

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