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Starwind Rohana

Climate Change.

The North Pole could be completely defrosted in thirty years.

In thirty years, I'll be fifty. I'll probably still be working, odds are good I'll have a family, maybe even children.

In thirty years, my children will be growing up in a world where there are no wild polar bears. They will live in a world where there are no wild places that only the crazy and the adventurous would visit. There will be no unconquered tracts of frozen land, no secrets to be unseen by anyone else on Earth.

Enough of this.

There is a lot of oil buried under the Arctic, and as the ice retreats north so people scramble for the oil it uncovers. It's a vicious cycle: We burn the oil, so the ice melts faster, so we find more oil and burn that, and so the ice...

Enough of this. This world is burning away, crushed beneath the hooves of cattle and ripped up for grain and building, melted by fossil fires and ripped apart by the axe. In India the slums of cities are pushing ever further into National Parks, into leopard country. In Britain the seasons are swinging out of balance, summer to winter and autumn to summer. In Africa the dust bowls are growing, day by day.

What have we done?

Pledges to cut carbon emissions -made on the national level, but I'm not so sure that any of them have been carried out, or carried out enough. And what have we done, we who live as individuals, heating our houses and driving our cars and living our lives? Low-energy lightbulbs aren't enough. 'Green' cars aren't enough.

Every moment that we say that we can't do anything, and go on living our lives, is a moment that we tacitly agree to keep destroying our world. Every day is another day that the cloud forests fall and we fish the seas a little closer to empty. Every month the tigers retreat further and the butterflies die, every year the tuna are smaller when they come to spawn and the salmon can't make it up their old rivers, and every minute the world groans beneath the weight of humanity and the smoke we bring with us.

I don't know what I'm going to do to fix it. But I am going to do something.

I will not live in a world devoid of beauty and adventure.
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