Starwind Rohana (starsong24) wrote,
Starwind Rohana

Injured cat

I found a cat this morning.

It was a long-haired, fluffy, mottled brown cat. It was hunched on the pavement, keeping its back low to the ground. Something about that looked a bit off, but it seemed to be moving all right.

I meowed at it, because I do that with cats. It meowed back, then came over to sniff my hand and have its head stroked. It kept on meowing, which was unusual, and I noticed that it had a damp patch above the tail.

Then I noticed the very nasty raw patch on its side.

I do not know any local vets. My first response, therefore, was to knock on the nearest door and ask the woman who answered if she knew a vet. I didn't get as far as asking about the vet, since the woman thought it might belong to her neighbour. So I went around to the neighbour, who confirmed that it was indeed her cat, and went to get some shoes and bring it inside.

At which point I went to buy a book for my father. I hope the cat's all right.
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